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Our History and Tradition

Immersed in a rich history and tradition, the Commercial Hotel in Jamestown is a testament to endurance and the passage of time. Established in 1877, this esteemed institution has weathered significant historical events, each leaving an indelible mark on its character and architecture.

Within a short period of its inception, the original building fell victim to a devastating fire. But, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, it was swiftly rebuilt in 1879. This event only fortified the establishment’s resilience and set a precedent for its unyielding spirit.

The Commercial Hotel’s resilience was further tested in 1971 when an earthquake shook Jamestown. The front of the hotel had to be reconstructed, a testament to the strength and resolve of the local community and its commitment to serving its patrons.

Throughout its lifespan, the Commercial Hotel has witnessed a multitude of renovations and extensions, each adding a new layer to its rich tapestry. Yet, amidst all these changes, the integrity of the building has been meticulously preserved. Each architectural enhancement has been designed to respect and honour the original character of the building, keeping its historical essence intact while infusing it with modern amenities.

Today, the Commercial Hotel offers a well-equipped, welcoming space that caters to the diverse needs of the public. It’s more than just a hotel; it’s a living, breathing piece of Jamestown history, providing comfort, community, and continuity.

Whether you’re a visitor interested in the historical aspects of the hotel, a local patron enjoying the warm ambience, or someone seeking top-notch amenities, the Commercial Hotel invites you to be a part of its ongoing story. As you walk through its halls and enjoy its offerings, you become part of a legacy stretching over a century. This gift continues to thrive and evolve.

Come experience the Commercial Hotel in Jamestown, where history meets comfort, and every visit adds a new chapter to our enduring story.

Introducing the "A" team

Tim Thomson - Owner
Tim Thomson - Owner
Damien Garro - Hotel Manager
Damien Garro - Hotel Manager
Adam Garro - Bar Manager
Adam Garro - Bar Manager
Chefs Tharindu and Isuru with Damien Garro
Chefs Tharindu and Isuru with Damien Garro

Meet the Owner

Tim Thomson

Meet Tim Thomson, the dynamic personality behind the revitalisation of the Commercial Hotel in Jamestown.

Tim stepped into the hotel on 1st July of the 2022, his eyes filled with a vision for a uniquely engaging and warm ambience.

Since then, he’s been ceaselessly dedicated to the task of reinventing the hotel’s aesthetic.

Tim’s approach to design is as distinctive as it is appealing, seeking to fill every corner with eye-catching elements that speak of his personal touch.

In fact, he often jests that the more he adds to the walls, the less likely he’ll ever need to repaint them.

The pieces that adorn the Commercial Hotel aren’t just randomly chosen; they’re items that resonate with Tim personally.


He has a container full of artwork and various items in Victoria, brimming with possibilities for the hotel’s evolving decor.

Whether we’ll see any of these pieces grace the walls of the hotel in the future remains uncertain, but it certainly promises to be an intriguing possibilities.

One thing that distinctly marks the Commercial Hotel is its local focus. 

Tim has curated items from local areas like Tarlee, Mannanarie, and Morchard, infusing local history and heritage into the very fabric of the hotel’s setting. 

Notable pieces include a piano and old organ from Tarlee, a church pew from Mannanarie, and a hymn list and pulpit from the Methodist Church at Morchard. 

These items don’t just serve as decoration but provide unique conversation starters for patrons.

"I suppose you could call me a little bit eccentric. Well, you're right."

As you wander around the hotel, you will see many examples of magnificent paintings and photos.

There is a wall dedicated to the History of Jamestown that contains historic photos of the town, which is well worth a look.

Among the local artwork, there’s a special painting by Cherry Wehrmann, a local artist whose work Tim admires.

As a Christmas gift, Cherry generously gifted Tim a portrait, a gesture that touched Tim deeply, considering the generous amount of hair she left on his depicted head.

Owner Tim - The Commercial Hotel
Dining The Commercial Hotel

Changes in the Commercial Hotel aren’t confined to wall hangings and antiques alone. A new lighting system has been introduced, replacing the harsh fluorescent lights in the dining room with more relaxing ones. Tim revamped the dining room in just ten days, instilling a more formal and cozy ambience. Antique chairs and tables, all locally collected, replaced the old furniture, adding to the overall charm of the place.

The furniture is sourced from an antique shop in Crystal Brook’s antique place. Anne Redden runs a charity-driven operation, selling antiques on a 25% commission basis, with proceeds going to charity. As space in the hotel slowly fills up, the antique decor is also making its way into the motel rooms, each now featuring an antique chair to add an extra touch of elegance.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the hotel is what Tim calls his ‘throne.’ 

The outlandishly gorgeous gold chair belonged to a dear friend of Tim’s who passed away. 

The family was unsure what to do with the chair, so Tim promptly drove to pick it up and bring it back to take pride of place. 

This throne and other gold chairs purchased in Adelaide add a splash of extravagance to the hotel, making it a real conversation starter.

The Golden Chair - The Commercial Hotel
Mirror - The Commercial Hotel

Tim Thomson’s vision for the Commercial Hotel in Jamestown is a testament to his distinct style and fondness for the local history and culture. 

His commitment to a unique, engaging atmosphere filled with historical and personal touches has transformed the hotel into a vibrant and welcoming hub, sure to draw locals and visitors alike for years to come.